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jonny law2
I posted this on the biodiesel forum and had no replies. I figured maybe I would get more answers here on the rule breakers forum.

has anyone actually had a run in with law enforcement regarding the use of alternative fuels? if so...
1. what were the consequences?
2. how did they catch you/what where the circumstances of the citation? (on the road, at your home, smoking exhaust, delicious fried food aroma,...)
3. what gave them reasonable cause to investigate the privacy of your fuel tank?
4. what will get you out of and/or keep you out of trouble? ie: do I need to keep certain paperwork in the glove box? can I tell them its a "fuel additive" and then drive off scott free?
5. where are you located and why does your law enforcement care so much? ie: passed problems, biodiesel cartels, garbage oil thievery,...

the reason im asking is that technically this is all, as against the law, as moonshining, which im not opposed to. but it seems like the government has put laws in place concerning road tax avoidance and left us with no real way to lawfully protect ourselves...from the law.

I keep hearing about "the right color" this and "dip test" that but has that ever actually happened to a non-commercial bio-brewer or blender home hobbyist?
just wondering so im not caught looking stupid with a $300 ticket and a mandatory court date with a federal prosecutor investigating tax evasion. because that would be a nightmare.
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