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Complete Setup for Sale
With 2 kids, and other businesses to run, I no longer have time for my bio-diesel project/business.
I'm selling everything that you'd need to get up and running.
I've got 2 different processors to choose from:
(1) - 150 gal unit with accompanying Methanol/methoxide tank. Has on-board 1.5Kw in-line heater. Also has stainless in-tank coils that can be hooked up to separate 20gal water heater runs on 120V), and pump (included), for heating oil without having to run main circulation pump. Includes on-board air driven methoxide mixing pump. Control panel uses mechanical timers for pump duration. All equipment is mounted on one skid, making for neat/compact unit.
(2) - 250 gal unit with accompanying Methanol/methoxide tank. On-board 4Kw heater, that uses internal stainless coils in main tank (with pump) to heat up feedstock. No need to run main circulation pump to heat the oil/fuel. Includes on-board air driven methoxide mixing pump. Control panel uses a digital timer for main pump duration. Heater & Methanol pump are actuated using simple toggle switches. All equipment is mounted on one skid as well.

Both these processors need a 220/240V outlet, and an air compressor to run. That's it!

I also have a drywash tower that can be used with either unit. It has it's own built-in pump (120V). Ports are in both processor tanks already - just hook up feed/discharge hoses. I used Eco2Pure media, and will include 2 extra bags that are unopened. I don't want to sell this item separate - it needs to go with either of the 2 processors listed above.

Also have any/all titration equipment you may need (mixers/syringes/beakers/scales/etc..)

Lastly - I have a 250 gallon suction tank mounted to a medium sized flatbed trailer. If you're looking to go out and collect decent amounts of oil from other businesses, this is the way to go! It's powered by a Briggs 800 series engine. Vacuum/pressure is created with a air compressor that has 3-way valves. Turn valves one way to create about 18in. vac to suck oil, then switch valves to make around 10-15psi pressure to offload oil. Valved port on top for collection, and valved port on bottom for offloading. Tank also has a thermostatically controlled heater mounted to the side, so that you can heat up cold oil before offloading. Vac hoses included. This sucker tank works really well, and I've collected thousands of gallons of WVO using it. Can sell either with or without trailer - your choice.

Prices on everything is negotiable. All items are located in Lincoln, NE, and will need to be picked up. I'll try to upload some pictures as soon as I can. Thanks!
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