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All the parts there you have to put it together and get it working again. Bowl frame motor everything is there. $200 I am in South Florida. I also have two big plastic tanks. Some pumps, really good ones. 38 gallon Aluminum fuel tank designed for an 06 Mercedes E Class with built in heater. Tank is spotless, Everything else is dirty. I have heat exchanger and switches. Have not had a grease vehicle for 2 years. Need to Clean up. Lots of white 55 gallon plastic drums and 2 30 gallon water heaters. I have a diesel generator new in box never opened Also $200. I have a head full of grease knowledge if you are local or in the area come by and see what I have. 954 266 9303

In Fort Lauderdale running a 2006 Jeep Liberty CRD 2 veg tanks HOH 2 upgraded greasecar vavles 3/8 fuel line 5/8 heater line HOH Hose wrapped filter. Injector Line heater on the Common Rail. 2nd car 2005 Mercedes CDI, Raw Power fuel pump, 36 gallon veg tank in trunk coolant heated HOH, rubber hose wrapped fuel filter, FPHE, 3 greasecar valves, Common rail line heater.
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You let the E-class CDI go, huh? Last time we talked you were really on the fence about whether to keep it or sell it. Hope you got a good price. Those were the last of the great inline turbodiesel sixes from Benz. Sorry I'm so far away or I'd swing by just to chat and look over some things. Even if the generator is a small 3600rpm unit, that's a song of a price.

Cheers, John
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