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simple test for water in fuel.

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March 17, 2016, 10:22 AM
simple test for water in fuel.
Hi Dave thanks for the input. Yes I havde checked for leaks but its 100% regarding carbide I use crushed carbide and always check the freshness. So my problem isnt in that area. Does anybody expperience the same or similar ?
March 17, 2016, 10:59 AM
Sam Sleeman
Braam. Then there is no water in your Bio. Take some carbide put half a tea spoon full in the sink and wet it. It should give off lots of gas. if no gas what you have is not carbide. Have you made a 500ppm sample and a 2000 ppm sample and tested that?
March 17, 2016, 12:31 PM
Hi Braam and Sam,

It's not impossible, but highly unlikely that the bio will be zero water.

when I experimented with a long drying cycle with the turbo dryer (13 hours) I once had the water to only 50ppm. (KF)

The only time I tested some bio that didn't have any pressure reading with the s/b was a bio sample that I mixed with CaO just to see the outcome.

Braam, why dont you undo the cap on your manometer sample jar and add a tiny drop of water from the end of a syringe or similar. Then give her a good shake and see what happens.
March 17, 2016, 02:25 PM
john galt
Have you made a 500ppm sample and a 2000 ppm sample and tested that?

Exactly !!! When in doubt always test a known calibration sample instead of playing guessing games.

March 22, 2016, 12:38 PM
Thanks for all the input friends , I think I will re-do the 500 and 2000ppm tests again and see what comes up. Carbide reacts perfectly with water , so no prioblem there and also no leaks on manometer . Will give results tomorrow.