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Diesel engine powered bio-diesel processor

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July 08, 2015, 05:51 AM
Diesel engine powered bio-diesel processor
Hi Guys,

sadly someone has written off my wonderful 97 Toyota Starlet 1453cc diesel (800km on a tank!), no insurance...

although on the bright side I have upgraded to a VW TDI 1.9L AHF 110bhp model engine. its not as economical as the starlet tho..

so this engine is too good to sell to the wreckers.

I met a mechanic in Cairns, he was using an engine to mix his fuel and bring it up to temperature.

has anyone done this? and if so how can you use the engine to its fullest in regards to the biodiesel processing process?

install a pump kit on the end of the gearbox?
install a heat exchanger into the coolant lines?
or is it total overkill?

It would become a rather industrial/loud process though and I like the compact system with a diaphragm pump idea better TBH. its just such a sweet little engine that loved a drop of biodiesel. its done 300,000km

July 08, 2015, 06:28 AM
Hi 1NEngine,

The 1.8 Isuzu diesel from my Holden Gemini found a second life in a home-built half-cabin cruiser my friend made.
He finally got it into the water a couple of weeks ago. The Engine still runs fine after the 9 year wait.

July 08, 2015, 11:08 AM
You could try to adapt a pump to it to move your oil, a heat exchanger to warm it, etc. That all comes with issues and unnecessary complications, not to mention likely inefficiency. (How many gallons of fuel are you going to burn per batch of processing, and how many gallons of product are you getting in return?) For example, assuming that your engine temperature runs around 200F / 100C, that's warmer than you probably want to be processing, so you would have to t-stat your heat exchanger as well.

If you can easily regulate the engine speed, say to 1500 or 1800 rpm, I would consider mating it to a generator head. It's pretty easy to find things that run on electrons (including most biodiesel processors), and you would have flexibility to use the setup for power in remote locations (trailer mount), backup power for the house in case of a storm or other outage, etc.

Cheers, John
July 20, 2015, 10:49 PM
And don't forget to run the exhaust through a heat exchanger to capture the wasted heat. There's a lot of energy there..

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July 22, 2015, 12:25 AM
there's gotta be someone on the forum that's done this..

I haven't had a chance to even think it thru ATM but I'm sure you could get pumping of mixture and heating of mixture (with thermostat regulating to 55 degrees C) from the engine. my car averaged 5.0 - 5.7L /100km and I'd say processing of fuel would be less load on the engine, so maybe 4.0L/100km efficiency. ?3-4L/1hr? fuel efficiency when processing. hmm that seems pretty high to me.. surely it wouldn't use 16litres of fuel for 4 hours of processing.

seems like it might be a bit complicated. just use it for a generator as you say. might just stick with air compressor--> diaphragm pump and inline heater element.

still, would like to know how others have done it.