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biodiesel from any type of vegetable oil

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April 11, 2016, 04:14 AM
biodiesel from any type of vegetable oil
We are a company CT SYSTEMS specialized in the production equipment for production Bio Diesel from any type of vegetable oil or animal fat.
Unlike companies which manufacture biodiesel production equipment (biodiesel processor) based on outdated, tank technologies, which have been used for over a century, our company uses the high-frequency magnetic impulse cavitation principle, previously used in classified technologies.
Some advantages:
Low demands on the quality of the raw oil
“One pass” reaction procedure
Purifying sorbates, washing and drying are not required
Minimal alcohol and catalyst quantity. No alcohol recovery process
Low-temperature reaction.
It is possible to use the wastes after extra virgin oil without further treatment.
More detailed information you can find on our web site
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