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Anybody have experience with PEX?

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May 01, 2017, 08:16 PM
Jon Heron
Anybody have experience with PEX?
This weekend I was de-watering a 1400L batch and my site tube imploded.
It was just lucky I discovered it without making a huge mess!
My boiler stopped working (the flow switch stopped working, I know unlucky batch) so I shut down the pump and vacuum to fix it, once it was quiet I could hear some pretty dramatic hissing. Turns out the back of the site tube imploded and split about 4' up the back of it so you couldn't see it from the front. luckily the vacuum in the system was keeping any of it from coming out.

So anyways, I am wondering if anybody has tried PEX with bio?
I figure it will make a good site tube but have never tried any to see how it holds up to hot methyl esters...


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June 30, 2017, 02:16 AM
Pex works fine with all things biodiesel as far as my experience has shown.

I think some of the plastic processor manufacturers were using the cross linked poly tanks.

I have a 1200 gallon rain water collection tank that happens to be cross linked polyethylene and it's tough stuff.. Can't be welded, glued or bonded in any way. Nothing seems to affect PEX and it takes a much higher temperature than normal polyethylene does.

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