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I bought a P'UP
For $600 from my friend Matt yesterday. 1981, Longbed, 5 speed, 260K+ miles, runs great and sounds happy. The 137 cubic inches of C223 diesel fury exhale through a behind the cab mounted tractor stack, which I'm sure adds at least 90 lb.ft. of torque. I actually start off in 2nd to keep from chirping the tires. Seriously though this truck great. Moving will be so much easier now. It's got about a hundred pounds of junk and grime everywhere so I'll be heading to a powerwash soon. I've already began gutting it (who needs floor mats and a radio anyway) I plan to cut as much weight as possible and also modify some body panels for better aerodynamics hopefully resulting in higher MPG. Perhaps tomorrow I will add pictures.

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those trucks are very rare in lousiana. at one time I had a few dollars in my pocket. I was looking hard for one. I have a couple of friends that drive them in central mississippi. the only thing I did not like about the trucks that they have is that they leak oil every where. not sure what it takes to seal all those leaks.

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Yep, the C225 does have a couple of places for oil leaks. I just fixed one in the idiotic combo alternator vacuum pump. It wasn't a big deal, except be prepared to get dipped in black nasty grease.
Another leak developed in an oil return line near the dip stick, that one was pretty bad and could have killed the engine if I hadn't been in the area replacing the starter and turbo at the time. For the long story see:

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