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Bio Blend tracker
I made an Excel sheet to calculate and track my home heating oil bio blend. I decided to share it with anyone that wants to use it. I wrote it for a 275 gallon HHO tank but it should work for any size tank, even the one in a small car. Just change the "Tank Size" at the very top and it will automatically update the rest of the worksheet to calculate the blend properly. I have everything labeled in "gallons" and "HHO" but you can change the volume labels to liters and the HHO labels to Diesel or ULSD if you wish. You won't need to change any of the formulas.

If anyone spots any errors please let me know and I'll make corrections.

Free download location: Mediafire


Download the file "Blend Calculator.xls" from the link above and open in Microsoft Excel.

The yellow section at the left is where you input data. The blue report section on the right filled with zeros will automatically update as data is entered in the yellow section. Don't try to type anything in the blue section or you could mess up a formula. The sheet is protected so you'll get a pop-up notice if you accidentally try to change something you shouldn't. I did not put a password on it so the protection can be turned off if you really want to make some changes to the formulas. I don't recommend changing formulas if you don't know what you are doing.

To get started you will need to know your tank size and the current bio blend that is in the tank. At the top of the worksheet enter the size of your tank in the yellow box next to "Tank Size".
Now go down and make an entry on the first blank line in the yellow section to get the blend data established. This is needed to calculate the blend the next time you add fuel. Put in the date, then enter "0" under "Tank Level Before Fueling". Add some amounts of petroleum fuel and B100 to make the blend % in the blue section at the far right come out to what you have in the tank. If you have a B75 blend in your tank you can enter 3 gallons B100 and 1 gallon HHO, or 30 gallons B100 and 10 gallons HHO. It doesn't matter this time if the total volume isn't exactly what is in your tank as long as the blend % comes out right. You will be entering the fuel level in the tank before adding fuel each time so the quantities don't need to be exact this time.

The next time you add fuel to the tank enter the date, the tank level before fueling as shown on your gauge (IE 1/2, 3/8, 3/4), and the amount of each type of fuel you added. If you don't add any fuel of one type you can leave that block blank. If your tank level is empty enter "0". If your tank level is full you should enter "1", but you probably won't need to add any fuel if the tank is already full.

There's a small section on the right where I have a tank level gallon calculator. I put it there just so I could play around with the tank level and see how much empty space there would be without making changes to the data in the report area. Any of the fractions in that section can be changed and it will not mess up the other sections.

Keep in mind that the sheet keeps a running account of the bio blend. It relies on previous entries to accurately calculate the current blend. If you change the data from an earlier date it will recalculate the data for all of the entries made after that date.
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Excellent idea, thanks.

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Thanks Ken!

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