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Always be safe with KOH

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May 27, 2014, 06:14 PM
Always be safe with KOH
My friends;

I was emptying my 50lbs bag of KOH, and since i was in a hurry i just pour it in the scale directly from the bag.

A lot of small falles when to the floor, my lab table, etc..

Two minutes passed and i started to feel an ich on the back of my leg.
One flake went almost in my butt.
And friends it burns like hell.
One small flake did this to me.

So please be very careful, and dont ever wash directly with water.
Eduardo G.

May 27, 2014, 07:21 PM
Jon Heron
I believe that rinsing with plenty of clear water is the recommended way to get it off of you though.
Here is a good article put up by GL a few years back:
The MSDS for NaOH and KOH is also listed there.
I would also like to add that a respirator or face mask should be worn, I typically use a full face respirator but I forgot to put it on last year when weighing out about 50 lbs of NaOH, the breeze picked up and I got a whiff of the dust Red Face
While it did not give me a permanent burn it did burn like friggen hell and my nose watered for a couple of days after. I also instantly dropped the bag and started to run for the hose I always have on hand, to shove up my nose, but I couldn't see cause my eyes were watering so bad... lol
Food for thought!


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May 28, 2014, 09:33 AM
Ryan P.
Been there, not that bad through. Even with the dust mask on and safety glasses and pouring inside the shop, I too have had the wind kick the dust back to me and sting my nose and eyes.

I've also gotten smaller flakes on the exposed parts of my wrists between the gloves and the long-sleeve shirt...I got it rinsed off before it got that bad, though. More just like welding splatter burns, which I get on my wrists a lot. Smile