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So I am new to this site and to be honest new to WVO/SVO as a fuel.

I have done a bit of research and decided to do a combination of cold upflow with filtering and drying tanks as well.

here is a rough description of my current set up:

56L carboy to a 200L cold upflow settling tank, from that tank to a secondary 200L holding tank until I figure out what else to go with.

my thoughts were to put a 20 micron filter between the 200L then use that as the drying tank with a 5 micron filter after that and a final 1000L tank as my storage tank.

I am having a hard time with a heating and pumping system for the drying tank. I would like to consume as little power as possible so I was looking at 12v transfer pumps (750 LPH) but it would seem as though all electric heating methods for drums consume insane amounts of power 1000w or more!! I thought about using an electric water heater tank or tankless water heater too, but was not sure of how safe or efficient that would be.

any suggestions would be welcome though I would prefer to use electricity and heat exchangers as the system would be left unattended most of the time.
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You want to ask Johno about his bird waterer.

It is a tube in tube heat exchanger that feeds in and out of an electric skillet. it has float switches for flow control, uses a small pump, and has a filter bank. It is a fully automated system, and John has used it for many years now. There used to be pictures of it all over the internet, but I cant find any these days.

for a no picture description see:

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One option that leaps to mind (assuming you get good sunlight and have clean oil [few particulates, etc.]) would be a solar heater. It might be a little bit of a challenge to get EXACTLY the right temperatures you're looking for, but I can't think of a cheaper way of doing it. At that point, the ONLY electricity that you'd have to consume would be to run your pump, and on a sunny day, it would be EASY to get oil temperatures up into the 130-140 degree range. The only "trick," at that point, would be keeping it from getting TOO hot, so you might have to play around a little bit with the setup and design with how the oil exchanges heat with your solar heater.

I'm imagining a heat dump being the place to run your oil through for proper heating.

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A Greater San Diego Greaser member has installed an 4'x10' hot water solar collector on the roof of his cleaning shack. A Shureflo diaphragm pump sends the settled VO up to the collector. The temp reaches 150F. Works quite well for the past 5 yrs.
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