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1987 F250 Ford Lariat with a 6.9 N/A Diesel

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October 11, 2017, 12:44 AM
1987 F250 Ford Lariat with a 6.9 N/A Diesel
I'm downsizing and going smaller with everything due to retirement coming up and not doing much hauling anymore. I have a Ford, 1987 F250 Diesel with a 6.9 N/A Diesel. I just put an injection pump on it the 1st of September and as of yet have not ran straight vegi oil in it. I have replaced the u joints in the last year, the center carrier bearing the last 2 years, i have upgraded the alternator to the 3G 130 amp alternator, replaced the radiator, (thanks to the local deer), replaced the heater core in the last month and already have found a smaller truck so this one needs to go. The engine runs strong, has not been gone into other than the oil cooler being replaced about 6 months ago. Oil pressure when warm running temp is 45 pounds and idling is 20 pounds. I have 2 after market gages for the oil pressure and water temperature. The milage is 300,000 but she still is running strong and the rear end is a 4.10 or 4.11 rearend. I live in middle Georgia and you can contact me at 478-636-3979 or and if you email me put "Diesel truck" in the subject line so i know your not spam. I have some vegi oil for sale but have one guy interested in buying it and it's first come first serve. THANKS for looking here. The body isn't perfect but passible as it is a 1987. Pictures if your interested can be had. The truck is an extended cab and has the split back window. I'm asking $3,000 but willing to talk

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October 11, 2017, 03:51 AM
Hi dyoungen,

the most important question- Did you keep the deer?

October 11, 2017, 10:16 AM
Nope, i was on my way to work and didn't think i get a good hit so kept going. I had both lights but when i got to work the whole right headlight assembly was gone and the bulb was just hanging there. Ended up getting towed home since the radiator was leaking pretty bad and couldn't open the hood to release the pressure. It was only the 4th deer i hit. 2 on motorcycles and this deer and one in an Isuzu trooper a couple years ago