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Cost of Disposal
Does anybody have any information on how much of a cost is is to dispose of Glycerin as waste. I am interested in a "worst case" cost scenario. Also, I am having a hard time finding anyone who will take it here in SE Michigan...
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I am in SE michigan, is your glycerin NaOH or KOH?

I would be happy to help you turn it into some great soap.

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Most landfills have an area for things similar to Glycerin. Some make you pay to bring it, others just take it.

You can also try waste water treatment plants.
A guy I brew with takes all of his to one in Salt Lake City, UT and they take it for free.

In some cases you can even highly dilute it and put it down the drain, but you need to check with your municipality and sewer district first (we were actually recommended to dispose of it this way by our local sewer district where I live; but each one is different so be sure to check first).

Making it into soap is also nice though since you'd get 2 products out of your starting oil (Biodiesel and Soaps) which also means you'd have practically no waste products left.

Once you start using the soap made from Glycerin though, beware, you'll get addicted to the stuff.
I shower with it every day, wash my hair with it, use it to remove stains, and the list just gets longer and longer. The stuff rocks!

Plus, if you share it with friends, they may get hooked as well. I know some people that make it & sell it to help offset their Biodiesel production costs.

And, looks like Rick K may even be up for showing you how to make some too.

Great stuff that soap!

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Thanks Guys,

I appreciate all of the options!

Not sure if I want to get into soap just yet - but I am using NaOH based catalyst.I want to have a solid backup plan for disposing glycerine by-product if I can't find an "easy" alternative.

So far, no waste water plants in my area will take it - not sure if I am speaking to the right people in the organizations however. I talked to one waste disposal facility and they wanted to treat it as hazardous waste (the DEQ does not consider glycerine hazardous). They want an EPA number and a manefest to take it.

I am on a well/septic system so the drain is not a good option.

There are a couple of landfills near me, so that is a great idea to check with them, I would think glycerine would be beneficial for the waste decomposition process - or they could potentially burn it as incinerator fuel.

Thanks again,

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If you have no means of burning it yourself (sawdust logs or modified furnace) check with local cement or asphalt plants. I understand some of them can use mixed fuels in their big furnaces. Me? I burn all of mine. Look here: Glycerol Logs

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