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glycerin burning
Hello everybody,
I have several hundred gallons of raw glycerin and I would like to use it to heat my garage. Can raw glycerin be burned right away, or does it have to be purifiead first. I understand raw glycerin (biodiesel byproduct) contains some impurities. And does it have to be mixed with something or can it burn independently?
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The MK glycerin burner from AlterHeat is supposed to burn 100% crude glycerin. Check out the website. I'm looking into some possiblities as time allows.
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Yes. I've burned over a tonne of crude solid glyc this winter as the main form of home heating. This has been our 4th winter heating season. Forget about modified oil burners sometimes touted as suitable. For one thing the ash content will quickly foul any heat exchanger, for another the solid bits will rapidly clog filters or nozzles, even if pre-heated.
We do sell our equipment, so excuse me if I don't describe in detail The units range from 5kW to 50kW and are based on Turk's design, with our own developed improvements. Not suited to housewife operation yet, but practical for the 'hands-on' types on this forum.
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David, do you have a website yet?

I'd like more info on your burner.
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thank you heatbeater, the MK glycerin burner is really great. Did you know that on AlterHeat website there is a video of the MK burner in action? I did not expect glycerin would burn so perfectly
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