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Burning glicerol
Just wanted to ask is anyone here tried to heat up the glicerol to 70 to 90 °C and then feed it to standard oil burner used in boiler heating. I’m using KOH in my process so glycerol is fairly liquid if I let some methanol in it (relatively small amount).
After heating glycerol is quite liquid so I think that nozzles on oil burner can make fog of it.
My plan is not to use burner’s ignition (high voltage spark), instead I’m planning to spray glycerol fog over burning wood.

Thanks for your opinions.
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Maybe. There is a large thread on uses for glycerin by-product, you would have to look there for all the different things people have tried.

I bought a small electric furnace used to melt and stretch glass tubes, so its capable of reaching 1500F, or something like that, in a 1" diameter passageway through it. I plan to eventually pump the glycerin through a pipe through the center of that furnace and see just how hot I would need to pre-heat the glycerin to get it to burn nice.

And if that doesn't work, I'll just turn the heat down and pre-heat WMO and burn that instead, since I know that will work. One heater, wide adjustability: that's the plan!

Eventually...gotta finish the shop first...and stock the shelves and cabinets...and clean the pile of parts from the yard...and...and...maybe by next fall....
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