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1981 MB 240D
Good evening all of you MB lovers out there in cyberland.

My 1981 MB 240D has 290,000 miles on it and had the last 60,000 miles with a 2 tank WVO system.

Two times this last week when I went to stop the engine with the switch key the motor did not stop right away.
The next mornings it started right away but ran out of diesel fuel completely before I realized it.

I know that the fuel shutoff is controlled by vacuum or the lack thereof and I would like to know if someone else has experienced the same problem...I figure that it might be the switch because of the cutoff problem. Needless to say the priming of the system is a task and hard to do on the side of the road.

I am just guessing about the cause. Can someone out there give some advice? Thanks in advance
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Simple , there's a line off , or your door lock is leaky or stuck, also is your key switch leaking oil? Here's a quick fix til you find your leak , get a brake bleeder pump . Hook it up to the back of the ip pump . If it shuts down promptly hook up yer line and now put the vac pump to the line at the key switch , if you haven't found the loose or leaky line yet , at least u can shut it off, look in the manual and follow vacume lines to the junctions, plug things to eliminate them , don't forget even the fuel door has Vaccume to it!!!
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I just picked up some 1 1/4" Tierflex hose that I plan to use with a SBC oil pump to collect WVO.

Is there any point in which the hose is simply too large? Will it still prime? and move oil?


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Should work fine. Larger hose is heavier and does take longer to prime. Also more expensive and fittings are harder to find. We use the clear tigerflex hose. If a gas powered pump be sure to keep it away from the muffler, hotttt

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