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Soap making question for newbie

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December 02, 2015, 04:26 PM
Soap making question for newbie
Hey all
Okmi decided to make soapbars form my left over glycerin.. I make a test batch of about 2L glyecrin added to it 25%water (0.5l) and 80grm NaOH. .. I also used NaOH to make biodiesel so I have hard glycerin... I followed the typical instructions I find everywhere on internet.. Heat oil to about 60°c for some minutes.. Make lye into water heated water and mix into glycerin and stir it for about 20min...
After I pured into different miles and all came out the same they hardened nicely but the top centimetre is more crumbly and soft goopie not a sold hard bar like the rest..why is that? Also the bottom of some of the molds stay that glycerin brown but the rest turn a kaki baige..
Although it does seem to work I tried bathing and washing some biodiesel supplies and all clean and good.. But their is not much soapy lather just some milky can I get it lather more?
also my soap has a faint hint of fried potatoes smell to it (i get my oils from a burger bar where they fry the French fries and mozzerla sticks)...I tried putting essential oils ..tea tree but it doesn't stick any ideas?
Can people out there tell me if I should do something different?
Also is it possible change the color to something prettier?
My idea was to try to sell the soap but for this it would have to look and smell nice...and I guess if it lathers better maybe people would like it more