First Run Liquid Soap
Here is our first and second batch of liquid soap.
Even though they were both clear, they sat next to each other on the table ,
one lost it's clarity. Same process , the only difference was the scent added Confused
Anyone have any ideas why ?? The soap works well in the foam pump.

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Have you checked the pH of the top layer vs. the bottom layer?

Layering can be caused by a number of things. Too much lye can cause a separation between the true soaps and the glycerin. In that case both layers would have a pH greater than 10.5.

Layering can also occur if you have not fully sponified your soap. The top layer could be unsaponified oils. This happens more often with BDG soaps when whole oils have been used. Does the top layer feel oily? Does the bottom layer lather like soap.

Another thing that can cause layering is using too much of a sodium based thickener. Too much sodium can cause the soap to separate from the glycerin, this is similar to what the larger soap companies do to get the "true soaps". In this case the top layer would lather and the bottom layer would not.

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