Soap in dishwasher
Does anyone have experience using biodiesel soap in a dishwasher. I suspect the soap would cause a suds problem. Would there something like an anti foaming anent to reduce the suds.

Our dishwasher is doing a poor job of cleaning. I think the problem is a combination of a poor quality washer and the "new and improved green" soaps.
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I used my KOH soap straight in my dishwasher: no suds problems. The problem was that it didn't rinse cleanly. I started using the KOH soap in the pre-rinse dish and reguaklr soap in the main tray, so the lean-rinsing soap was following up the other. That was fine by me, but my wife insisted it still didn't rinse clean. I think that was the fault of the TSP being taken out of regular soaps at the time.

Now I use LemiShine in the pre-rinse and regular soap in the main dish and it all comes out clean. The KOH soap is just used for my filthy shop clothes, my filthy hands coming in from the shop, and to kill mosquitoes in the vacant lot next door.
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Our liquid soap has been tested several times in the new "low suds" laundry machines and all reports are positive. Thing is that, unless you use junk like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which is a lather enhancer (and nerve agent) found in most commercial and commercial type soaps, shampoos and all bubble bath as well as most toothpastes unless otherwise specified, your NaOH liquid soap will do the job just fine.

One of the first people to give it a go in an automatic dish washer was Graham Laming a few years ago, and at the time he used shavings from bar soap (while his wife was away, BTW), about 7gr IIRC.

You may have to experiment a little with volumes to see what result you come up with that best suits your situation. The type of water will also affect the outcome of how well it rinses.


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We have been using our BDG soap in the dishwasher for years.

A few things to keep in mind.

If your soap is undersaponified it can leave oily residue on your dishes. So I would be sure that the soap is fully sapoinified. You can do this by taking 1 part soap and 2 parts water. If it is cloudy then your soap is undersaponified.

If you are using well water you will be creating soap scum that can remain on your dishes. This can be avoided if you add citric acid (LemiShine as noted by Ryan P.), vinegar or even lemon juice.

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Thanks for the info. I ask my wife if I could try some soap in the dishwasher. She said it was not like I would destroy anything of value if it went bad. I am going to give it a go.
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I've used our liquid soap in the past, it left soap scum on glasses but I think that had more to do with our water being too hard because our water softener stopped working. Plus our dishwasher doesn't seem to do a super job anyways, we always end up rinsing dishes even before they go in. If I put a plate with dried egg on it in there it would not come out clean and its not that old of a unit perhaps 10 years.

We use it in the laundry for the past 2.5 years and it perfoms very well.

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