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I tried making soap once from my glycerin. After I removed the methanol and did the process for making soap and added the scents I wanted it still had a very unwanted over smell and the scents did not cover it up. The smell is hard to explain but you would not want to go around with it on you. Is there something I may have done wrong to cause it to smell or is it just how it is gonna be.
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Glycerine has a very distinctive odor in and of itself. When people get it from a soap making shop it has first been extracted chemically and then it has been further deodorized using yet more chemicals, but naturally forming glycerine, a part of the saponification process, has a smell to it.

The best way to counter this to some measure is to find the right essential oil to mask it as best as possible. We have found that citronella or a blend of lemon and eucalyptus works best.

The recipe is simple; once the glycerine has been thoroughly demethed then you take 4 liters of it and bring it to liquid form and add the essential oil( 15ml) and 4 liters of water into which has been dissolved 160gr KOH. Mix it all together well for several minutes (10) while still quite warm and let set overnight. If your original caustic during processing biodiesel was also KOH then once it has cooled and you are sure all of the caustic has neutralised (do the battery test) it is then good to go.

If your processing caustic is NaOH then it will probably has a layer on top of the dark liquid or the whole thing may be rather thick and light brown; one way or the other you will have extremely good soap. If you do get a top layer that you skim off this is still usable as soap (it just isn't as pretty :-) )


** Biodiesel Glycerine Soap - The Guide
- on 5 continents helping people make & sell soap from the Biodiesel Glycerine.

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My process for making Full Cycle Soap is to first, de-meth, then add more KOH and water to finish the soap process. After the soap process is done and the heat shut down, then I add the orange oil of essence. If you add it too soon it will dissipate quicker. I also use KOH in the biodiesel process.
This makes a good liquid glycerin soap. It is by far the best soap you can use. It is kind on your skin, and a killer on all kinds of grease.
Keep trying 'till you get it right. You will love it. And your friends will tell you, "You should be selling this stuff".
It is simpler than making biodiesel.

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