Selling Glycerin Soap
Has anybody had any luck selling biodiesel soap? I just started making biodiesel this year and it is going swimmingly so far. Four full tanks and counting in my 2001 VW Jetta tdi and counting. Now I have about 40 gallons of glycerin, and rather than throw it out, I was looking to have some fun with it and possibly turn a profit while doing so.

If anyone could give me some insight on this it would be well appreciated.
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Yup, no problem. Been at it for some time now, but I don't post on this section anymore since the hijack so please check your PM.

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Green and natural products are HUGE right now and our BDG soaps fall right into that category. The fact that we are recycling in the process is a great plus too.

Our costs are so much lower than any other natural product so we don't have to charge as much either.

Farmer's markets and craft shows are a great place to start.

Are you going to be making bar or liquid soaps?

We'd be happy to help you get rolling Smile

Happy Soaping!

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