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Uses of glycerine soap--some not mentioned before
I am always "gleaning" some great ideas and advice from this website. Here's some soap uses that might help someone peddle their soap or use in their community. I teach at a high school and have found lots of ways to give it away and in most cases it helps my fellow coworkers and students.
I thank Legal Eagle for his soap book and all the info on this thread.

We currently use our glycerine to (Soap is demethed in distiller at 250 degrees until nothing but a drop)
*pretreat some nasty oil
*art teacher likes bar soap for cleaning brushes and tables in his classroom
*keep a basket of bar soap in my classroom and my outdoor students get bars for poison oak cleaning desks, supply agriculture and shop classes with bar and liquid cleaner for students and general cleaning.
*football player thinks it could wash helmets (shines them up nicely).
*washed down the sidewalks and doors from the last senior prank when they used baby oil and vasoline. It couldn't help the toilet paper in the trees though.

*washes concrete floors
*washed down our laptop cabinets
*great at removing lead on countertops from pencil sharpeners.
*used to wash beakers and glass ware in science labs.
*my liquid soap is popular at my high school bus garage and for cleaning concrete floor and hand goop at several auto repair shops.
*RV Park Owner likes it to wash RVs
*Group of dirt bike riders get a gallon ever so often b/c they say it impedes the mud and dirt from sticking to their bikes and makes them easy to clean.
*State patrol garages likes it to clean patrol cars. Says it removes oxidation from chrome as well.
*Great for washing our kayaks down. An outdoor facility might have a need for the liquid stuff.
*An eco-friendly camp wants to know if my soap would be ok for campers to use while they bathe in the lake? They think it will be safe for the water and fish. I haven't followed up yet? Any suggestions besides to start charging for my soap?
*My sister uses it to clean kitchen cabinets instead of Murphy's Oil. One of my restaurants get it to clean their wooden chairs from greasy customer finger prints and grime build up--great bartering product.

mmmmhhh...probably more but...

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An eco-friendly camp wants to know if my soap would be ok for campers to use while they bathe in the lake? They think it will be safe for the water and fish.

At a certain concentration level its going to start killing mosquitoes and other bugs in the water (another side benefit I take advantage of in the stagnant pools of water in the woods near my house!), but I suspect that level is going to be far higher than a few bathing kids could ever create.
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I'm curious to know what other uses people have found for the soap as well.

Here's some that I've found:
I'll start:
Bar Soap
- In the shower, works great on body
- Shaving Cream, softens the skin on my face & makes shaving a breeze
- Psoriasis Reducer, when used regularly I've found that the irritation on my Psoriasis on my scalp & other area's has been reduced
- Shampoo, only tried it a few times, not all that impressed
- Laundry Soap, cut shavings off of a bar into the washer. So far it works really well & dissolves well into the water. No "foaming washer" incidents yet.
- Stain Remover. I used some of Legals soap, some soap Tim made, and samples Rick K sent me over the past year to pull stains out of baby clothes. All of it worked well. In some cases we had to soak the stained clothes for a couple days, but all the soaps got the majority of the stains out. There were some stains that none of the soaps could touch (a toddler can destroy clothes completely sometimes). But for the small stains, it's all done a great job.

Liquid Soap
- Pulled Desitin out of my daughters hair, off her body, and out of her stained clothes (Rick K's liquid soap sample used here)
- Pulled red juice stain out of carpet in my minivan. This was a sample of Rick K's liquid soap
- Used for shampoo (this was some of Legals liquid soap). Much more impressed than the bar soap I tried. It lathers well & did a great job
- Toilet bowl cleaner (used a sample of Legals liquid soap). Cleaned the toilet extremely well!
- Sink Cleaner (used a sample of Legals liquid soap). Cleaned extremely well!
- Laundry Soap. Works very well! Used a sample from caseyboy
- Laundry Soap. Used a sample from Rick K. Worked very well. Scent was a little off, but he's working on that one.
- Hand Soap. Used Legals liquid Soap & Rick K's liquid soap. No pictures, but this stuff does REALLY well at cleaning grease off of my hands after working with Biodiesel or on cars. I was flat out amazed how well it took grease off of my hands one day, and with the high glycerin content it left them nice & soft.

As I remember others (or test it with other uses) I'll post them here.

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Couple of quick ones off the top of my head...

Athlete's foot helper
Eczema helper
Basically helps any fungal skin issue. (can't directly claim that on your packaging)

Hard surface cleaner

Dish soap

Pet shampoo


Nurses and anyone who has to wash their hands often just love it, My wife is a nurse and her hands used to always be red and raw from too much washing without the moisturizing ability of our soaps.

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My wife has been using the liquid (Diluted) for cleaning up puppy accidents, She says it takes the smell out of the carpet.

Of course liquid for laundry,

We also have used the liquid in our heated pressure washer for de-greasing anything,

We have a couple of other uses under construction, details later.

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I use the glycerin byproduct from NaOH BD processing directly, diluting it with water for the desired consistency and to let any crud settle out.... no further processing is required. It works great as a hand and bathroom cleaner, especially effective on toilet bowls and the 'scum' that gets on bathtubs, shower enclosures and shower curtains. Also useful as a non drying body wash. Excellent pre-laundry grease stain remover, apply to stain let it sit for a few hours then launder as usual. It's also good for greenhouse thermal mass. More effective than masonry, nearly as effective as water and it won't expand and rupture the container when it freezes.

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