Washing in ice water

Today, while out at the farm where my biodiesel set up is located I needed to wash mt hands a few times and used some of my liquid soap as a "degreaser" before rinsing . Things is the only water available was from ice patches that were only partially thawed, so that is what I used and it was just as easy as using warm water. We have good soap :-)

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It is amazing!
I get new uses and ideas for what it cleans all the time.
The restaurants I get my oil from use it to clean their grill at the end of the day.
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One of our restaurants uses it to clean the screens over the cook top and fryers,
then use the same water to clean the floor. One of the Churches in town say our degreaser cleans the screens above their fryers when the Industrial strength stuff wouldn't. National BBQ champion in KC from our town uses it to clean his smokers.
Yes Sir this stuff makes great soap !!!

regards to all

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