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Golf 3 and 4 tdi b100???
Hello everyone
What are peoples experience with running pure b100 in older golf 3 n 4 tdi for. 1994 to 2003? I'm looking to buy a high mpg car that can run b100.. my van experience was using to much be and with a car like this idea drive twice as much with same amount..but want to be sure it will work before killing a car
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This is why I bought my VW Golf 2001 AHF. I plan to run B100 if I ever get my biodiesel processor working....
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I'll admit my experience is limited, but I did put about a 50/50 mix in my 2000 when I first got it. It ran it fine, but the power and mpg decrease was far more noticeable than it has ever been in my '95 Ram or my brother's '01 Ram.

In my opinion, it basically was not worth it to me to cause the car to go from 48-50mpg to 42-44 mpg at only a 50/50 mix for a car that only had a 12gal tank to fill anyway. I save the biodiesel for the relatively more fuel-guzzling Cummins 6BT's and just feed my little fuel-sipper TDI's regular diesel.
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94? was that a tdi? In Canada we didn't see them till 97 or so. if its the older indirect injection engine I have had no problems with a 50/50 mix and if it's warm enough 100% those older engines were bullet proof and took a lot of mistreatment (from me )in fuel experiments. I'm running a 2000 bug tdi and have the same problem as Ryan in that they get great millage, diesel is lower than it has been and a fill up is less than 40 bucks Can. it's just cheep to run and fun to drive

That old IDI as its been called is one of the best little diesels ever made imo

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