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1985 chevy caprice 5.7 Diesel
Just bought a mint 1985 Chevy caprice 5.7 Diesel and don't know much about there anyone here that could help us trouble shoot why we don't have fuel at the injectors...where are the key points to look at so we can figure this out and get the beast back on the road.
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Haynes Truck manual to get to know you trk. There are a few Chev Diesel Forums. BTW, there is a check valve in the fuel line system. Hope this helps
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Bought a bunch of these diesels in the day cheap because of this problem. Quickest way is to first remove the glowplugs and disconnect the glow controller. If it has an electric fuel pump, jumper it to 12V to check fuel flow through the filter. If no fuel at the outlet of the filter, either you have a bad lift pump or a plugged filter (should change the filter just on spec.).

If it has a mechanical lift pump, remove feedline from filter and crank the engine (that's why you removed the glowplugs). If no fuel than same as for an electric lift pump.

If you are sure the Injection pump is getting fuel (if all else fails, a 5 gal can on the roof filled with clean fuel and a line to the back of the IP pump works to get it running) check the fuel cutoff (terminal closest to the front of the engine on the top of the IP) by hot wiring it. You should hear a distinct click if the solenoid is working. If not, than the fuel cutoff is your issue. You need to pull off the top of the IP to change this. While your at it, also check the other terminal which is the cold start solenoid (retards the timing 6 degrees)

If everything checks out, loosen off all the injector lines a couple of turns and crank the engine (ergo the real need to pull the glowplugs) when you have fuel at all the injectors tighten up the fuel lines and continue cranking till you get a good puff of fuel vapour out of all the glowplug holes.

Re-install the glow plugs, and check to be sure you have power to them on start. You can by-pass the controller and hot wire them directly. No more than 6 seconds per cycle. Crank engine. Hopefully you have enough battery, if not you can jump start it.

Theoretically, you should now have fire in the hole.

Good luck


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