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'95 Hilux Unbreakable SVO conversion Project

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August 25, 2017, 05:36 AM
'95 Hilux Unbreakable SVO conversion Project
G'day Guy's,
Well got my source of vege oil sorted and getting around 120 litres a week so time to think about getting my Hilux sorted now I got it back on the road.

Talked with my local mechanic who fixed the uni joint and put new tyres about setting up a second tank for the conversion and he said go out the back and look at that patrol chassis. Found the secondary tank off it and it will fit nicely under the tray so got the tank sorted.

Now my plan is use the main tank for the vege oil and setup up another filter for the other tank with the second fuel pump being powered up when the 3 way control valve will do the switching after the filters. A simple relay setup will do the job but I am thinking of maybe making up a circuit so I can have a visual display of whats going on using a micro.

So far my search for a heat exchanger is proving a heap of fun (NOT) as both fleabay and alibaba are only throwing up what I don't want. Got a heap of copper here so making my own heat exchanger could be done too.

I'm waiting for my tax return to come in then the Hilux is getting a turbo conversion too as having the tray overloaded with bricks was a very slow drive home the other day and must of had close to 2 ton on the back.

Another use for the vege oil is my 16hp Lisreoid engine I got a couple of months ago anf for warming up a few turns around the exhaust provides enough heat for the oil.

Now for the Hilux conversion the heat exchanger using the coolant and then a 12 volt heat mat around the fuel filter should provide enough heating for the oil.

I do hope my thinking on this conversion is going the right way and any guildance on a better way would be welcome.

Cheers Bryan