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Biodiesel motorcycle production
Finished the biodiesel motorcycle project (sort of)! Yeah!!

For those who haven't heard from me in a while and thought I'd dropped off the face of the planet..., well..., I did, sort of.

Aaron Scott (of MotorEarth) and I finally decided it's now or never for finishing the MotorEarth diesel motorcycle production project we started many years ago, it has waxed and waned, according to our finances, travels and life-threatening illnesses (I almost died from contaminated water, while working in Delhi doing the initial engineering on it, came back and spent months on death's door, Aaron came back the next trip with typhoid and CDC had him quarantined for weeks), but this was it, it was time to finish the twelve chassis we had modified and welded for these adaption's.

We pushed for months (from February till just a few weeks ago), machining parts, rebuilding transmissions, building bikes from the frame-up, re-engineering adaption parts and assemblies.

But..., we're done with that phase. Up to this point, this project has been self-funded. We've gone as far as we can go and have launched an indiegogo campaign with the hope of financing the rest of the parts needed to finish these bikes off.

Check out the video we made about the production (click on the first large bike pic)

Oh yeah, and I published my travel journal from the trip to India to develop the project. It's on Amazon/kindle. Email me for more info.

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