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Dry wash with "MAGNESIL" meets ASTM D6751

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August 30, 2015, 12:39 PM
Dry wash with "MAGNESIL" meets ASTM D6751
Hello , first of all forgive me for my bad english ,

We are a little company from Turkey.
All we know that magnesol is too expensive in USA.
We producing our own constitution Magnesil for dry washing biodiesel ,Magnesil is Modified Magnesium cilicate for manufacturing EN14214 /ASTM D6751 standarts biodiesel. MAGNESIL is an absorbent which selectively adsorbs phospholipids,trace metals n free fatty acids(soaps)from all vegatable and animal oils
we took patent of magnesil from The Turkish Patent Institute ,in Turkey all biodiesel companies using our magnesil for pass the Turkish Standards Institute's tests/analysis and take biodiesel manufacture license of EN 14214 standards.

if you still use dry washing technic for manifacturing EN 14214 / ASTM D6751 standards biodiesel we can supply your magnesil need with low price

I Can sen sample with buyers pay shipping

E-mail :

Skype : ugur1984.

Twitter : MagnesilTurkey