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Don't let this happen to you!!

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April 13, 2014, 05:29 PM
Don't let this happen to you!!
My shavings supplier was out and I used shavings
from another supplier( first mistake )
Supplier told me the shavings were hardwood only and while dustier
than usual, I used anyway to make sure promised deliveries were met.
( another mistake .
We have made refreshes in the past but
This is the only time I have ever seen this. IMO
it's glue from Particle board and or pressed wood.
Top drums look like this after filtering 1500 gallons ,I am assuming because the fuel
is cycled from the bottom and back to the top the wood chips filtered it out.
The top four inches or so looks like this and comes out in chunks( stuck together)
but easily breaks apart).Our protection filter has been having to be changed every couple hundred gallons and I figured it was sawdust. ( Wrong again )
I cut one open last week to find a white greasy substance that repelled water.
Fortunately most of our product is used in an industrial application now instead of off road. We burn it in our truck and experienced significant power loss after filling up on friday. Up to that point we had been using with no issues.
( Benz is down waiting for a tranny Roll Eyes ).

Please look at the picture, any and all opinions /comments appreciated
regards to all

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April 16, 2014, 08:40 AM
Jon Heron
Yuck, thats not fun!!
When I clean out my cold upflow chip drum its already warmed up to room temp so I am not sure what the HMPE's look like in there...
You can tell if its HMPE's by heating it up a bit, maybe a shakemup test will tell you if its fuel or not too...
I would think that it would take an awful lot of glue to end up looking like that, though I am only speculating...
If you still have some of the chips untreated you could could soak some in a litre of bio for a while and see what comes out?
Good luck!


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