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Ford Courier
G'day All

How are you, this is my post and may I say what an amazing site this is, the amount of innovation and creativity is incredible! I've spent the best part of a day looking at your site, I'm impressed!

I post as SabaiSabaim I'm a middle aged fireman and ambulance officer in the Southern Highlands of NSW Australia.

I've just purchased a 2002 Ford Courier 4X4 diesel 2.5L 5sp manual pick up. It's got 149000kms on the clock and is in very good condition.

My other diesel is a bright red ISUZU fire truck but I can't run any veggie in that!

I've access to WVO and would one day like to make bio diesel but in the meantime I'd like to run WVO as a blend. I'm thinking 20% WVO to 80% diesel and maybe a little less WVO in the winter.

After all the necessary filtering and drying would this mix be likely to work in my vehicle without any problems?

The winters here only to drop to minus 4C at the most would cold be much of a problem?

Thanks to everyone for making such a great site.

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I have a 2003 courier 2.5 TD. based in Hobart, make my own biodiesel and have been running it for two years, no problems. You can purchase flexible fuel filter heaters off ebay, (like a miniture water bed heater) they work off the ignition and will warm the fuel filter. also cutting the diesel return line and plumbing it into the feed line prior to the fuel filter helps with any cold weather issues.

I make my own and make it carefully, test for 100% conversion, wash it very well and dry it.

If you arent prepared to make bio diesel properly then dont bother. If you do then the cost is around 23 cents per litre and MPG is virtually identical.
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