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99 7.3 powerstroke
Just started making biodiesel, passes all the quality tests. I am running it in my 2000 beetle tdi and my RV a 7.3 powerstroke. So far all seems fine but want to get feedback before taking it on a long trip, only has 52K , just changed the fuel filter, anyone with a similar RV using bio with feedback would be great
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I have an 03 7.3 that I bought with 52K on it, right now it has 176+K on it all on bio, no problems so far.
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I've been running mostly B100 in my 2001 PSD for over 6 years now. No fuel related issues. Currently at 151k miles. Recently got back from a trip to Yellowstone with the family carrying over 3000# of camper in the bed. Performed flawlessly. (Except for losing my alternator on the way back, just outside of Butte). I only wish there was a feasible way to carry more of my fuel with me.

I changed out some o-rings in the fuel bowl before the trip. On the drain valve, there are a couple non compatible o-rings that I switched out with Viton. I just didn't want that to be a potential leak on the trip, and besides, I had planned on doing it anyway. As far as I know, those are the only non compatible seals. Everything else is good to go.

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We burn B100 in our 2001 Ford 7.3 that we bought new & it now has 197,000 B100 miles. Great biodiesel engine.


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