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2003 F250 7.3
I have been making biodiesel for a while. I have been running it in an 84 Mercedes and my tractor. The time has come for me to get a new truck. I am looking at one right now. It is a 2003 Ford F250 with the 7.3. I have heard that home biodiesel does not run so well in a lot of the newer vehicles mostly due to computer sensors and such. Is there anyone that has any input for me about any issues with the 2003 Ford? I just want to find out now because if I can't run my biodiesel in it Im not even going to consider buying it.

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I have been running B70-B100 in mine for over 5 years now. Runs very well on it, and my Blackstone OA's never show any signs of abnormalities because of it. You'll eventually want to upgrade the O-rings in the fuel bowl to Viton, but thus far I haven't done so, and it still isn't leaking. Buy it if you can. Great motor which is dependable, tough, and easy to work on.

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I have over 100K on bio on mine and haven't had a single issue, the body is gettin a little rusty so that's gonna need some fixin but you can't blame that on bio.
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I go between vo and B20 constantly since 2003.

David Norwood

2001 F350 7.3 DI purchased new by me and it is the first DI experimented with and talked about on this forum.

Updated 1/2011 Alternative Fuel User Since 2003-vo is always in my fuel. Only one fuel tank. GPI/CIM-TEK spin on filterhead and 10 micron filter. Superchip. Hutch and Harpoon mods 2010. Diesel inline filter between tank and Airtex E2236 fuel pump (rated to 110 psi).Fuel pressure gauge. HOH for fuel line heat from tank to 12v lift pump. Two 12v 36" heaters, one before add on filter and one before OEM filter.

Cool weather mixes updated 2010. 100% vo to 70°. 66% to 35°. 50% to 10°.
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