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December 30, 2013, 01:25 AM
Location of Home Brewers
New, just signed up so I have not searched the forums to see if this has been done or mentioned.
Do you guys/gals have a list of people (cities and States) where we can meet up, learn from each other, etc.?
I'm new to making Biodiesel. I just made a small 2 liter batch today and washed it once. I want to make it in a larger scale to run B100 in my brand new 2013 PowerStroke. Warranty states B20 only but I want to run B100. If I am comfortable that I am producing quality product I feel confident that I will have no problems running B100.
I have some Chemistry experience since I am a Drilling Fluids Professional so mixing and playing with chemicals is second nature. Titration is something I do many times a day at work.
I am a very tactile person. I have to see how something is made or have the help of someone that is mechanically inclined, that's not me. I also have equipment to check for H2O, a retort. For those of you that do not know what a retro is, I have a 10 and a 20 ml with calibrated J-Tubes. You fill the crucible with product, it burns at >900 degrees F, everything passes through a condenser and liquids drip out into the J-Tube. That way you can see the percentage of Bio and H2O.
I've seen many home made kits online and some very pricy pre-built kits for order.
If I ordered a kit, I would like to find one or more person(s) to share the cost of the equipment. I can get all of the NaOH for free. I have not looked into getting the WVO but I don't foresee that as a problem as I know a few restaurant owners etc, that I can get the WVO from. I also have scales, pipettes, syringes, PH meters etc. I have three 275 gallon tote tanks and I can get 55 gallon drums for free and probably many 5 gallon buckets for free. I may even be able to score all valves, hoses and some of the other equipment for free.
All I'm looking for is someone near to give me the knowledge/train me. If I can do that, all they would have to do is share the cost of Methanol I guess. I would do all of the collecting, filtering, processing etc.
I think that's one helluva deal for anyone interested.

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December 30, 2013, 05:12 AM
john galt
and this
will be a useful start