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Comments - Copper Internal Reflux

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September 14, 2014, 07:05 PM
Bill Burton
Comments - Copper Internal Reflux
Just did a first run on my self constructed Internal Copper Reflux still and wanted to post my data to see what comments you might have:

3 foot long 2 inch diameter column, marbles in column, heated with a 3000 watt hot water heater element at 115 volts.

Very slow cooling flow required, very small trickle of water required to stop steam and create condensation.

Head temperature fluctuates between 130 - 144 degrees F!? I thought it would be higher, 148??

Rate is 1 liter (24 oz) every 90 minutes.

Slow? Similar to yours?

September 15, 2014, 11:43 AM
the marbles are preventing the heat to rise, thus explaining why you have lower head temp. perhaps, after a while, it will rise.

Not sure marbles is a good idea in practice, as the rising heat also carries the evaporated methanol. I understand what they are for, but I think you might want to come up with some other kind of baffle system. Look at the baffling systems/methods employed by ethel alcohol distillers, as well as what commercial alcohol distters

You didn't mention the purity of the liquid methanol discharging from the evaporator/cooling coil. If you are getting the purity you want, then regardless how it's done, you have achieved your goal.