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Great Set of Biodiesel Resources

A group of us have put together this great set of links/resources on biodiesel.

Thought I'd share it with everyone here:

As active members of the biofuel community, we invite you to participate with us in a collaborative effort to promote the use of biofuel by sharing accurate, sustainable biofuel related information.

The past year has seen growing awareness of biofuel in many countries.
There are now many more biofuel websites and forums than in the past.
These sites help people learn to make or use biofuel. Beginners as well as advanced users spread the word in a scientific and organized fashion, making it easier to document your successes and questions.

The following list of biodiesel websites, discussion forums, and other resources offers a wealth of information. Most of them are 'collaborative' efforts, which encourage beginners to contribute as well as learn.

We encourage distribution of this list of resources to any interested parties.

Website & Forums:

The Collaborative Biodiesel Tutorial
- simple-to-follow information on making biodiesel and homebrewing equipment.
- by people from all around the world who make biodiesel.

Infopop Biodiesel and SVO Forum
- Great forum to learn about biodiesel, and vegetable oil fuel including information on producing it yourself.
- Participation by a global audience with a wealth of homebrewing experience.

Biodiesel Yahoo Group
- With over 1900 members, this group is well represented and highly active.
- Participated by experienced homebrewers and beginners alike, this is a great companion to the Infopop Biodiesel Forum.

Biodiesel Basics Yahoo Group
- If you are new to Biodiesel then this is the place to start.
- Dedicated to biofuel beginners, this group has a large audience of people just waiting to help out with any questions you may have.

Vegoil-Diesel Yahoo Group (UK)
- Great forum for all who are interested in running on vegetable oil, primarily UK orientated. (UK)
- Forum for UK based veg oil and biodiesel discussion and UK biofuel duty issues.

Local B100 Biz Yahoo Group
- Devoted to those interested in biofuel related businesses or groups.
- Topics include biofuel regulatory issues, ways to promote biofuel, and ways to run a successful business.

Biodiesel Now
- Devoted to all things biodiesel.
- Topics are organized by type and include Biodiesel in the Press, Biodiesel Production, Advanced Production Techniques, Biodiesel Vehicles, and even regional sections for helping you connect with others near you that share an interest in biodiesel.

Iowa State University Biodiesel pages
-Hosted by the Mechanical Engineering Department at ISU and devoted to educating the biodiesel industry, this site includes a free onlinecourse (a 26-page document covering the chemistry and practice of biodiesel), as well as a page of 'technical papers'- theses, dissertations, and studies-that covers many aspects of commercial biodiesel and high-FFA oil processing.

Biodiesel Blogs Aggregator
-A blog is an online diary. The biodiesel world has several such diarists, ranging from listings of news articles about biodiesel, to very personal essays on small-scale biodiesel business, biodiesel co-operatives, and biodiesel homebrewing. These 'blogs' are collected into one single web page at the Aggregator page.

Biodiesel books
Biodiesel: Growing a New Energy Economy by Greg Pahl, published by Chelsea Green publishers.
- A history of the biodiesel industry and a good overview of world-wide biodiesel development.

Energy Self-Sufficiency Newsletter
- free download or online viewing at
- This monthly, free PDF publication covers everything in do-it-yourself renewable
energy, from biodiesel to solar to SVO to ethanol to biogas.

Biodiesel Homebrew Guide: Edition 10 by Maria 'Mark' Alovert
- This self-published 110-page book covers homebrewing of biodiesel and some simple chemistry behind it.

Frybrid Forums:
- Frybrid is a company that sells an SVO conversion kits to convert your diesel
car to run on 'straight vegetable oil'
- They host a great set of forums participated by several people where all things SVO is discussed.

VW TDI Club: and
- This site is dedicated to Volkwagen Turbo Diesel Engine vehicles. -
Lot's of great helpful information for keeping your VW TDI running.
Everything from tutorials on changing your oil filter to how to replace a timing belt.

Mercedes Shop Forums:
- Dedicated to running SVO or Biodiesel in Mercedes Diesel engine vehicles.
- With expert advice from several Mercedes diesel mechanics and enthusiasts, you'll find just about anything you ever wanted to know about these great cars.

The Diesel Stop:
- Designed for people using biodiesel or SVO in Ford diesel engines.

Biodiesel Suppliers:
1- Utah Biodiesel Supply
2- B100 Supply
3- Biodiesel Warehouse

A Copy of These Links can be Found at:

We welcome you to any and all of the above sites and forums and encourage you to continue your education in biofuel by visiting and participating.

We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions regarding this email, please address them to resources[at] and they will be answered by a representative from the collaborative biodiesel community.


Terry De Simone
John Galt
Legal Eagle (Luc)
Maria "Girl Mark" Alovert
Graydon Blair
Tilly from Paradise
Tony From West Oz (Tony Clark)
The Biofuel Community Contributors

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Isn't there an online 'calculator' for us to use when calculating how much lye/methanol to use? I am just getting started and can't find where I saw that calculator.

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Two of them are right here- Eric's Biodiesel-o-matic spreadsheet is downloadable and runs on your own Exel, and Rick da Tech's version is online:

For technical reasons having to do with how the infopop forum software displays new posts to this thread, I have now closed it to further replies (it was cluttering every sub-forum that it was attached to, every time someone made a reply, which was a problem for those who navigate the forum a certain way).
This is similar to the "FAQ" thread at the Straight Vegetable Oil side of the forum.

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