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Use of biocides in oil prior to processing

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January 09, 2018, 10:53 PM
David Swanseen
Use of biocides in oil prior to processing
Has anyone used a biocide such as Power services biocide to treat oil and then move it and start a reaction to convert to biodiesel fuel? Will the biocide interfere with the reaction in anyway when doing a base reaction or an acid/base reaction?
September 16, 2018, 08:41 PM
Hi David,
I am a newb to the brewing world so I cannot answer this question as of yet. But I hope to soon find out what the biocides do as I have about 1500 gal of spun WVO I’ve stockpiled from my years of running straight WVO. I put Power Service in most all my stockpile. So as soon as I get processing up and running I’ll be happy to post my results. (And I hope they’re not mortifying)!
Wish me luck...