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2009 cummins 6.7 blutech
Truck/engine has 26000 miles bought used. Ran 5% bio ans after 300 miles had DPF stoppage. Dealer managed to clear. Tried it again at 27000 miles ,again stoppage and it had to be towed to dealer.
Fuel filter, in tank pump & screen clogged. Dealer cleaned the tank, flushed the lines. I saw the filter and shell, and it was BAD!!Pump had been returned for core, so I missed it.I had a 7.3 and had to clean several fuel filters. Will I continue to have trouble afte several filter changes, or shall I forget about Bio-fuel
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Sounds like the standard biodiesel-cleans-out-all-the-crud process to me, though 5% is a tiny proportion. (Why so small? Seems almost pointless to run such a small biodiesel blend. Is it sold that way?)

I don't know anything about later models like yours - are your hoses rated for biodiesel? If not, that's eventually going to be an issue. If they're PE then you're probably OK, but if they're rubbery, look up the rating based on the printed hose ID. AFAIK they won't harm anything - just get gradually sticky and gooey to the point where they develop a leak...which /does/ become harmful, I guess...
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If you're only running 5% bio diesel you've either got some really bad bio-diesel or more than likely a really bad regular diesel supplier.
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