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1998.5 5.9L Dodge
Anyone got pics of where the fuel lines join up? From the tank foward, returns and all. I like what SunWizard's put out, but I need some help with the plumbing of the fuel/return, from the tank forward.

I see the hard lined supply and return to the filter, but it's pretty tight. Also, one well-known vendor says it's not a problem in NC having the OEM filter do double duty. I segregated on both my 83 MB 300SD and 82 VW Truck but he says it's fine. Anyone have thoughts? In the OEM arrangment, I suppose it's more purge time, I suppose. But I'm thinking BD for local and WVO for long trips.

I know in the segregated arrangement you have to dead-head the return to the filter an by-pass it back to the loopered return. I used a metric bolt instead of the banjo bolt. I also added an electric lift pump to go from tank to OEM to 6-ports to Lift pump to assure positive pressure to the OEM filter.

Also, I recall SunWizard's saying he doesn't like blending, uses the 3-valve system, but this vendor said a 2-valve system could work in warmer climates, even going so far as to say a blend is not out of the question. Any thoughts on blending in the 5.9-12V? With the in-line IP? Say, 33% WVO with heat in the loop?

Honestly, pics would be great. And I'd drive some lengths from central NC to see a well-plumbed conversion.

Mike Goodman
High Point, NC

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Diesel Craft CF process in enclosed shed
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Sorry mine's a 24V.

Any luck w your set-up?


84 MB 300D Turbo Diesel
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I drive a 92 5.9L 12V so I can't help directly with the fuel line questions but as for blending, the 12 valve handles it just fine if you use common sense. I have over 100,000 miles on cold and hot blends over about the last 10 years with no malfunctions, the engine has over 300,000 miles on it and it is still using the original (but a bit worn) Bosh rotary IP, I did change the injectors a while back do to some leakdown but I think they were original also.

This links to a multi-year running discussion about my blend testing and vehicle updates. I did change to larger diameter fuel lines to better flow the thicker cold blends. I also reworked the fuel pickup diameter inside the fuel tank as it was originally only about 1/8 inch in diameter, your newer truck may still have this same fuel pickup canister problem, the discussion has info and pics about it all.

92 dodge cummins with over 260,000 miles. Running an unheated 50% diesel/50% WVO blend for about the last 75,000 miles when temps above 50 deg f, no modifications or heating except the addition of a throw-away in-line fuel filter (removed during cold weather).
As of 8-01-05 I have been testing a 75% WVO/15% gasahol (90% RUG/10% ethanol)/10% diesel blend. Works fine down to about 65 f then starts rough. Runs ok once engine warms up. Back to a 50/50 diesel blend sence 9-15-05, just to cool now. -- 11-01-05 Modified stock fuel tank internal fuel pickup to have I.D. of 3/8 inch, this eliminated cold start slow idle and bogg on acceleration. Now adding 1 ounce each of acetone and pure gum spirits of turpentine to each 5 gallons of any blend, seems to help keep the fats in solution to a lower temperature --Heated 2nd tank fuel system installed january 2010, now running on a heated blend of 90% veg/5% diesel/5% RUG (no acetone or turpentine, heat replaced these).
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Any pix of your Diesel Craft CF setup. Thinking about gong that route before making my own BD.


84 MB 300D Turbo Diesel
98.5 Dodge Cummins 5.9
96 B7100 Kubota
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