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Environmental protection -- Plant grass on the hosts

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November 21, 2016, 03:01 AM
ari123 ll
Environmental protection -- Plant grass on the hosts
The author Mike Schropp reformed the host named Casemod, leaving little space for himself to plant grass on the host. Mike introduces that the grass on the host can enjoy the greenhouse environment with warm soil to help the grass sprout and grow. Thus, he spent time on learning botany. He tried to find the appropriate atmosphere and master the temperature by the computer.

In the whole process he was trying and researching. At least, from the picture the result seems good and maybe the computer radiation can be eaten more.

To collect the heat from the host, Mike found several bottles to disperse the heat from the host. After measuring the PC by controlling the fan the result turns out that the lowest temperature is 24 Celsius, the highest is 33 Celsius.

It seems a little complicated, but the expense is less than 10 dollars.

All of us can do to protect environment and against heat radiation.