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1983 Cadillac Diesel
Hi Guys.

I just bought a 1983 Cadillac DeVille Diesel. 5.7 Of course.

The car has 37,000 miles.

It runs like a champ, lots of power, starts easy, etc.

I added a water separator before I even started it to haul it 700miles home.

My concern is that at idle the EGR ports up into the air intake under the EGR valve make a loud howl /muuuuummmmm.

If you are coasting like at 20 mph the sound is loud, a loud muuuuum that transmits through the entire body of the car. If I lightly gas the car, the sound goes away.

I took the EGR valve out and no change in the sound.

I'm 95% sure the sound is coming out of the two exhaust gas tubes that feed the EGR. My 81 Olds 98 Diesel doesn't make this sound.

Can I do something to fix this sound, or is this normal?

It's terrible and the whole cabin sounds like a loud muffled howl . it sounds like a metal to metal motor mount and an exhaust pipe rubbing the car body, its not the torque converter, its fine.

The sound comes out of the EGR channels and air breather.

Thanks for any help.

You guys are the best.
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