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The Best Kit ???
I have a 01 7.3 PSD. I have been running on B100 and blends for the past few years. Now its time to go for a kit. I would love to be able to put my own together but I dont have the time for that right now so I am asking for opinions on what kit is the best bang for your buck.

Most recentley I have been looking at the Greasecar kit. They claim that if using the stock pump is fine as long as the oil is up to temp?

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The best kit is the one that does not cause the VO to polymerize in the fuel system and damage the engine. You will have to research to find which kits can guarantee no poly.

Stay with BD if you want long life and reliability from the engine.

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Gresaecar claims that if the copper heating coil is used in the tank, any polymerization will happen there and polymerization is inevitable.
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You have many options = good. Some "kits" are better quality and more appropriate for your vehicle. What is best also has a lot to do with your budget, preferences, skill level and expectations. Ask around and research post on the forum at

Also, the WVO Desigs Wiki has documented a conversion for your vehicle.

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Vegistroke Probably the best Ford diesel veg oil kit on the market as it should be for $3200. Frybrid actually uses this guys stuff in the making of his kits. This is really the only good choose for the money. Almost all the other kits do not offer as much but are almost the same price. Or you can build it yourself and that will still probably cost $1500-1800 to build it yourself.

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Sounds like you will be doing the installation yourself. If that is the case try a DIY checkvalve style system. Lots of info out there and if you do everything yourself repair when needed should be easier. Depending on what type of climate you will be operating in will influence your system design. Also try looking on the Frybrid forum. lots of guys who have done the exact thing you are trying to do. Stay away from bio if you want long engine life and reliability. Just kidding. I think the most important thing with bio or svo is fuel quality.

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Best bang for buck is fattywagons. They even do tugboats.

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