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Converting my wood furnace
Using SVO as a heat source came to me out of two separate problems-the first was being out of firewood (I scrounge all of my wood for free and last year was not a particularly good one for scrounging), the second was having a 330 gallon tote full of bad oil that polymerized in my filtration system, nearly causing a fire which is a whole other story. Anyway, I began researching how to burn SVO in a wood stove since I have this central furnace:

It's an Englander 28-3500 wood furnace, non-EPA, no secondary burn, etc... Initially I obtained a Delavan waste oil siphon nozzle as suggested by this thread on the BurnVeg forums:

After also buying a surplus air compressor to provide the airflow and some braided stainless steel hoses/pipe fittings I was in business. The nozzle provided a good strong flame when the spray was directed into a small wood fire in the firebox. After a few hours however it ceased working and after everything cooled off I found out why. The small viton o-ring inside the nozzle had melted from the heat of being placed directly in the firebox, rendering it useless. I have it soaking in parts cleaner to try to dissolve the charred and melted rubber. The difficulty with using the nozzle with the Englander is that there is no way to mount a nozzle so that just the tip extends into the firebox without drilling into the furnace itself. Therefore I came up with this idea:

This is a 1/4" steel plate which will be bolted in place of the glass on the loading door. The 1" hole will allow the nozzle to poke through (and allow some combustion air in) and the angle iron will provide a mounting point. This way I can quickly convert between burning just wood and a combination of wood and oil simply by removing the four backing bolts that hold the glass in. I'll post pics once it's all finished.

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Its nice to be able to see the flame. I would drill a hole in the stove if that would work. the hole could be plugged any time.

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home heated with wvo clean burn drip heater as of 10/01/12 drip heater in storage. Low WVO supply, back to burning wood.
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Many of us have bad oil (polymerized) as a by-product of handling WVO. I have a working heater that burns this junk with very little effort and little cost. Pellet stoves have a blower-assisted burnpot, and several safety features that make them ideal for burning WVO. Most gravity systems expose the oil to high heat inside a tube, which creates the infamous char which must be removed frequently. I drilled a hole in the top of the EF3 stove positioned directly over the burnpot. I inserted a brass tube into the hole and fed the oil through a valve from an elevated bucket of WVO. The WVO never touches hot metal as it falls from the relatively cool nozzle into the burnpot. In practice, I start a fire, either conventionally or with some sawdust, turn on the oil, and adjust the drip from the tube to sustain the fire I want. I can either feed a few pellets (low auger setting) or turn the auger off and burn only oil. To shut off, turn off the oil. The stove shuts down automatically as it cools. The burn rate is from a teaspoon to two tablespoons a minute. Because the burn is clean and the exaust temp is below 212*, I'm going direct the exaust through a recycled gas waterheater to capture that wasted energy for my hot tub. I found the stove for sale on Craigs, but was given it for free when no one else wanted it. Compared to a woodstove, piping is expensive, but very simple and safe to DIY. Want pics anyone?
I've got another stove that I'm converting to burn the yellow smelly glop to heat my garage. It uses a glass pot lid, inverted in the hole in the top of the woodstove cooktop. I build a small fire in the woodstove, put a 1/2cup of glop into the lid, which melts and drains through the small hole in the center to fall into the fire. We'll see how I get along with that one over time.
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