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To set the background we must go back to 1938 where Charles Pogue developed a vaor carburetor system for ultra high mileage on a gas engine. (200 mpg on a 500 inch Buick) Since that there has been over 650 inventions of vapor systems exceeding 100 mpg. Those who were not forced to sell out were either threatened or killed.
All these fuel systems prove one point-gasoline that is volatilized will develop an increase in both fuel efficiency, horsepower, reduce engine heat and extend engine life. Over these past 40 years I've heard many stories of factory bought vehicles that developed ultra high milage.
Using modern high pressure injector systems diesel can be atomized to within 5 to 20 microns. Diesel, bio-diesel along with all forms of petroleum waste are made from complex hydro carbon chains within the width of 1 nanometer.
For the past 8 years I've been deveping what has come to be known as a the JOEPIPE technology. These past few years I've adapted this technology to the volatilizion of waste oils. This past New Year I was able to test an advanced system of the joepipe furnace for the conversion of farm diesel into what I call NANO Fuel. It is created by thermal cracking atomized diesel in the absence of air.It is disassociated 1000 x's finer than a diesel injector. It can be compared to natural gas or propane in that it is in the gaseous state of matter. It is a complete dry vapor fuel nano in size, much lighter than air, stable, will not condense back to liquid, no emmisions except for CO2 and near white flame temps.
I've yet to test the diesel nano fuel on a diesel engine converted to run on natural gas. My main concern at this point is to use it in conjunction with the joepipe furnace to design a 10 million Btu combuster for a hot water on demand system.
As a alternative fuel, nano fuel could easily be made from bio-diesel or a combined mix of wastes oil, trans fluid, hydronic oil, brake fluid, etc.
My end goal is to be able to convert all petroleum waste oils into a emulsified nano fuel (30% water) for furnace, hot water and fuel for power generation.
At present I'm able to convert 1 ltre of diesel per minute into nano fuel. Advanced production will use 2 ultrasonic injectors with a 5 to 1 turn down rate to blend diesel and water into a emulsified nano fuel.
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