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Looking for WVO
I am new to the WVO burning having just purchased an 83 MB sd turboD 2 tank conversion. I was hoping I could find someone fairly local to buy some from. I live about 25 min. South of the ATL. I would like to buy as much Oil as I can get my hands on till I can try to find a local source. If anyone can help please shoot me an email.

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Lucky for you, grease is in pretty good supply with a good economy and folks eating out, and diesel prices very low. Most times, I don't recommend buying a conversion vehicle until you have proven you can find, store, dewater and filter at LEAST 300 gallons of oil to make sure that you (and your family) can handle the work, smell, and mess of This Thing of Ours.

That said: craigslist ad. Its where I get 90% of my oil.
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What do you say in your Craigslist ad? I tried once but didn't get one response.

Around here the value for used oil in the animal feed market has dropped to next to nothing, probably a third of what it used to be. That's according to a friend who used to make biodiesel but got out of production and started just hauling his oil to a recycling plant.

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I just say that I will pick up used oil. I get about 4 calls per month. Sometimes for HUGE scores!!!
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