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road tax
i'm moving from commieforina back to new Hampshire. so I called the N'H DMV today and asked them what the laws are on running a chicken fryer and they told me it was alright and that they didn't care if I ran a chicken frier Smile. so then I asked them what about paying road tax and how do I do that well the lady told me that N'H didn't have no sales tax Big Grin ook isn't sales tax and road use tax two different things in my mind it is Confused. so then I called the DOT and asked em about paying road tax again again another lady told me that they didn't have sales tax Eek and I even questioned her about the road tax saying that it wasn't sales tax Eek so i'm like WTH. I have no problems with paying road tax and that's fair since I do drive on the roads
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In other words... don't worry about it. Us running cooking oil is so far out of their normal operations that they wouldn't know what to do if you sent them in some road tax money. At least you tried.

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I'm in NH and tried the same approach, long time back. I actually got the state road commissioner and he told me if I sent them a check labelled road tax, it would likely be sent back to me... He explained the road taxes as we call them are really not what we think they are.... He did not explain what they are but asked my if I still buy fuel for my car. I do and then he said then anything else is considered a supplement and as long as it is a clean product, not to worry. He asked if I used motor oil as fuel, no, he said good, that he was not particularly in favor of that practice. That was it.

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