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Tank Gummed Up
Hello everyone, I have not visited the forum in a few years, but I garnered enough info here previously to equip an old 190D to run straight veggie with a two tank system for well over 100,000 miles with no ill effects. I only scrapped the car because various parts were getting so worn out it was not financially feasible to keep it running. I saved all of my veggie components which prompts my visit today. I have a Dodge Dakota with a transplanted OM617 that I plan to run on veggie. However, the tank I pulled from the 190D was showing signs of fuel starvation when less than half full. It's a tank with a welded in anti slosh box which I bet has some gummy build up in it's openings. What do you all think I could soak in that tank to dissolve any blockages?
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I've used the purple power degreaser on gummed up stuff. Got it at auto zone. Not running grease here anymore, sold the Jetta, but did get a 2016 baby duramax GMC Canyon, will probaby never see a drop of veg. Red Face)

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Thanks Merc, that's the first thing I will try.
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Other solvents include biodiesel and kerosene. But FWIR, Purple Power undiluted worked best.
You'll want to use at least a gallon and let in soak as long as possible.

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