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My vegoil cleaning procedure and experiance using baking soda in the wash water.

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July 31, 2012, 04:12 AM
Tim c cook
My vegoil cleaning procedure and experiance using baking soda in the wash water.
Squirt stream - Yes, I suspect faster/harder will pull more air into the oil so should do a quicker job of removing water but I circulate the oil through the filters for 2 or more days continuously unattended anyway and even this gentle stream has worked over that long of a time. this filter setup is outside so gets a good bit of breeze over the top, seems to be enough to remove the humid air even on rainy days when I place a cover a few inches above the barrel. The cover still allows air movement out of the barrel and the tilted angle and offset position allows any condensation that forms on it's under side to drip off outside the barrel.

The stream velocity is dependant on how clogged the filters are, it flows pretty good with new clean filters and slows down as they clog due to the added pressure drop. I have bypassed the normal pressure cutoff switch on the Shurflo pump used to move the oil through the filters, these pumps can produce well over 100 pounds pressure, with new filters the pressure required to move oil through the 3 filters is about 30 pounds and it goes up as the filters clog. I have an air compressor type pressure switch to control the pump connected in the plumbing between the output of the pump and the input of the first filter, it is set for 100 pounds, once the filters clog to a point that this switch starts causing the pump to cycle on/off it indicates I need to replace the filters.

Progressive micron rating - From experience I found that it is not practical to try to use a small micron rated water filter (or ANY filter) as your only filter (even tried adding several in parallel), it will likely clog after only a few gallons even with settled and water washed oil, almost instantly with raw collected oil.

The picture of the filter barrel setup shows four water filter housings, the first one in the string is left empty and catches any big grit and water (originally I had put a 40 micron filter element in it but they are hard to find, also tried wrapping paper towels around a filter element core but this got REAL messy to re-wrap with clean paper, leaving it empty works fine), the micron rating is then 20, 10, and 5. From experience I have found that filter elements with this progression of micron ratings tend to clog each individual filter element pretty evenly over time so once the pump pressure starts cycling the 100 pound overpressure cutoff switch I just change out all 3 filter elements. Note - I still use 3/8 inch thick felt washers on the ends of the filter elements to prevent oil leaking around the ends as well as 3/4 inch PVC plastic pipe stiffeners down the center of each filter element to prevent collapse due to high pressure, the stiffeners are drilled full of 1/2 inch holes.

This pic shows the filter barrel with the cover in place, real high tech..