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Chevy 6.5 Running on WVO???
Anyone have a chevy or GMC 6.5 diesel on WVO?? I see it has a fuel filter on the block that is not external. How did you reroute that so the Diesel and WVO do not share a filter. Also is WVO reliable on the chevy 6.5?? I am looking at a early to late 90s Chevy or GMC Suburban.
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just put youre valve body that you will use to switch over for diesel after that filter, which is not integral, it just looks like it is. it does unbolt with a couple of bolts.
i ran my 6.5 for about 20.000kms before switching to blending recently as i now live in town and mostly short trips.
if you are getting a early 6.5 with a mechanical pump you will have less issues with the whole optical sensor, even though i have personally never had an issue with it, i am still on my original pump and pmd, and got just over 276.000 kms

96 6.5td with homebuilt veg conversion
centrifuge setup
about 20.000 kms on oil.
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They run just fine on veg. Ran mine for 6 months veg trouble free. Then blew headgasket & crakced the block. 6.5's have other issues none veg related. Cracked heads, gaskets, cracked block .The issues show themselves when towing.(overheating). This can be overcome but most likely will require aftermarket add ons. Also if you get one with a electronic DS4 IP you should relocate the PMD & if you run veg you have too or you will kill it for sure. It's not a big deal though & can be pretty cheap to do.

2001 f-350 ext cab 7.3. 04/10 DIY check valve system. 20 plate FPHE,Fass HPFP set at 70 PSI, TIH, Davco 322 filter head with 10 micron spin on filter,150 micron prefilter, Hydraforce purge valve, 60 liter poly tank with hotfox, ss braided hose to heads,, oil temp, pressure & fuel gauges.

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HI ! I run my 95 suburban 6.5 on 70-30, filtered wvo and ulsd runs fine about a yr now, runs rough in cold temps but runs great after warmup.
i may start to use the block heater this winter,seemed much better on cold starts.

starts and runs great in central Texas temps 95-100F,but this is summer still!
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Ive run about 150 gallons through my 6.2l
Single tank, blending 20% diesel in.
I preheat about 2 minutes to get my 4 100watt injection line heaters up to 150 degrees.
then i glow plug and start.
These remain in operation, and cycle with a seperate circuit i have wired with a 'normally closed' relay. I have a probe on the injection line for this circuit, and a dash gauge to verify it is working.
Once the truck warms up my racor 1000 300watt heater comes up to 160degrees , and then the injection line heater circuit cycles very little.
Starts a bit rough when cold but it goes away quickly, maybe 30 seconds.
Winter will be the next challenge, but I suspect I won't have any problems.
---My theory is that injecting no cold oil will equal very little problems. Not to mention the indirect injection on these engines certainly is a nice safety net for a single tanker.

6.2L GM 1979 K5 blazer -Single tank w/electric preheaters.
Blend =66%WVO, 33% #2 diesel .
4 100watt IP line heaters
custom 160degree 300watt racor 1000 filter heater
polyeurethane 1/2" pickup
other fuel lines flouroelastimers
plastic fuel cell , Mallory 140gph gerotor fuel pump.

OC-50 dieselcraft centrifuge run by SBC gear pump -
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