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Vegetable oil goo cleanup
I wanted to share a rare success with the group, hopefully it helps someone else out. I'm moving my equipment to a new truck. When i pulled the old tank out, it was *covered* in icky, sticky veg. oil goo. Lots of "learning opportunities" involving funnels, wind, and general bucket-pouring technique created a sticky film i'm sure we're all familiar with. I never was able to clean it up with casual attempts and cleaners.

I figured with the tank off the truck, this was my chance to finally get it clean. I set it on some cardboard and filled an old spray bottle with 50/50 simple green and water, and sprayed the surface of the tank down. I sprayed it again an hour later, and then again after another hour. Then i used a scotch-brite pad to go after the gunk. It actually came off really easily! Some places, where tree sap had dripped on, required actual scrubbing, but the majority of it all came off in one pass. I did a second round of spray-soak-spray-scrub, then wiped the residue off with rags. The tank looks great.

I've used simple green before, even at full strength, with poor results. I think the soak was the key. Hope it helps some of you out.

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ImageTank_clean1.jpg (18 Kb, 9 downloads) Half-cleaned
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I find Simple Green as pretty wimpy on grease cutting. I like something with a higher pH to cut the vegetable oil. The Purple Power available at WalMart and Dollar General has a higher pH but not so high as to be dangerous to skin.

You are right about applying the cleaner again and again. We call that dwell time. Something else that helps is heat. For every 20 degrees you raise the temperature above 70 degrees F, you double the power of the chemical Put the tank in the sun and put your chemical inside a car with the windows rolled up... ideal.

And, the Scotchbrite gives you agitation... the fourth part of the chemical cleaning balance:
-chemical action

By the way, I design industrial cleaners and processes.

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I've found 'Spray-Nine' to work well cleaning up my pails. A little better than gasoline, just spray it on and leave it for a few minutes. Canadian Tire has it.
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full strength purple power on the worst build up and 50-50 for the regular oil messes. Simple green takes 2x as long to work, for me

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Nothing cheaper or more concerntrated and effective than KOH or Naoh. Dunno why anyone bothers with anything else that has the same ingredients waterd down and higher priced.

Heres how to clean oil spills very effectively and easily.
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