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vanishing sources
I found out today I have lost my last source of WVO, as the motel/restaurant has changed hands and has signed up with a renderer. They took the oil in my barrels, but at least didn't take the barrels. Anybody else having this problem? I am OK for a good while, as I have 1000+ gallons stockpiled, but am concerned about the future. I guess I am going to have to start paying for the VO. Anybody else have similar issues?
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Hi Thomas,
I have WVO "runnin' outta me ears"
Every time I turn around someone is dropping more off or asking me to start collecting theirs.
I can't give it away.
I wish I could give you some of mine.

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It really varies by the times, the region, and the relationship the users are able to build with the restaurant owners. Sometimes it is best to offer to pay a modest amount. That way you not only secure supply, you also get to say that you would like it strained through at least a colander, and placed in the cubies neatly, so it makes your task easier. If people are getting a bit of money for it, suddenly they seem a lot happier to work with you.

But in some areas, the smaller towns in the more remote areas of Canada, for example, a lot of it is still taken to the dump and it's easy to make an arrangement with the restaurant owners. The main thing they want is that you are neat about it and pick up regularly, be reliable.

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Might make this suggestion for getting new accounts: Most local newspapers have a business section that lists the legal notice of new businesses, owner's name and street address. Find out what day this section/notices will be published. The next morning, be at the new restaurant and give them your pitch for their oil. I have found that Mom & Pop shops will support "the little guy" like yourself more often than not.
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Hi dragon fly,
It appears that eslamsaleh14 is just spamming the forum.
I believe you mean to be addressing Thomas Berry Wink

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I got some business cards made up at vistaprint for cheap,kind of fancy design with a green earth with a vine wrapping around it. Told them I was a recycling small business that reuses the waste oil. Like Ed said be on time when you say you will to pick up the oil, I clean up any other garbage that's around, take the empty cubies away and brought the manager a case of beer. I get 500 litres a month from this restaurant. He is starting a second restaurant and called me to see if I want that oil also. I am swimming in the stuff.

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My last source was also my first source, so it was a very informal arrangement. The proprietor was a close friend, and actually turned down an offer from a renderer who was going to pay and continued to let me have the oil for free. One of my issues is my work is freelance, and consequently my schedule is very erratic. Hard to show up reliably at the same place with clockwork like regularity. I understand I will have to adapt, and most likely pay for the oil. Fortunately I have some time as I have a generous backlog. When my partner in the VO endeavor got divorced and moved away, we sold 4000+ gallons to a biodiesel guy just to get rid of it. OH well. Thanks for the responses.
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One of my long time WVO friends used to make biodiesel but shifted to selling the used oil to a rendering plant about 100 miles away. This guy was doing it full time. In recent months, the value of the used oil has plummeted around here (Ark/La/Miss) to the point he decided to get out of the business entirely.

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